Our Facility

Alaska Glacier Products, LLC, provides premium bottled glacier water sourced from an actual glacier in Alaska. We source our water from the naturally pure and abundant Eklutna Lake, just outside of Anchorage, Alaska, and bottle it at our state-of-the-art bottling facility. Our fully automated, multi-line, bottle-blow molding, filling-and-packaging facility was completed in 2015 and is one of only a few in the world located near an above-ground glacier water source.

We are committed to reducing emissions, conserving energy, and efficiently managing transportation and worldwide logistics. Alaska Glacier Products is now recognized as a CarbonNeutral company! Our water is bottled at the highest level of quality with minimum impact upon the environment.

All bottles are made from PET-1 plastic which is one of the easiest plastics to recycle and can be completely made into a new bottle at a 1:1 ratio. Our bottles are all BPA-free, and the outer box cases are made from 50% recycled paper product. Much of our product is back-hauled on what would be empty ocean-going vessels already headed back to their mainland U.S. ports. Our unique Alaska location provides us with shipping proximity to both the USA and Asia. AGP is a privately owned company and loyal steward of Alaska’s abundant natural resources. We are Alaska owned and operated and passionate about sharing the resources of the Last Frontier with the world. Try our glacier water today and experience Alaska at its finest.