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A Word About Our Water Profile and Analysis

Inherent to all natural water sources on earth is their unique profile of minerals and other trace elements provided by Mother Nature. These elements combined with different measures of total dissolved solids, alkalinity and dissolved oxygen, impart a natural balance in the water making it a life promoting element for all animals and humans to thrive.

Modern day industry and human acts can cause these natural water profiles to be compromised with thousands of chemical toxins and deadly man made substances that are already cycling, globally, through all water systems with the exception of glacier fed water sources.

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Ancient and frozen in time, our protected glacier is melting from underneath and rewarding us with a drinking water profile of “zero exposure” distinction. That combined with an undeveloped surrounding terrain of over 400 thousand acres of state parkland comprised of vast boreal forests and rugged glacier covered mountains is the trade mark of our premium natural drinking water source.

Alaska Glacier Products, LLC  maintains the highest standards in water testing. For details on testing, we provide a complete Alaska Glacier™ water analysis.

Our latest testing was completed October 2013: AGP 2015/16 NSF Lab Report

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