We are pleased to share with you our greatest life promoting resource – Alaska Glacier™, Nature’s Premium Drinking Water!

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Long ago, when the frontier of Alaska known as “The Great Land” was amidst our most recent ice-age, massive glaciers covered entire landscapes. This bestowed us today with the finest resource of drinking water for human kind – oxygen rich, clean and untouched with naturally occurring high alkalinity (ranging from 7.8-8.3 seasonally), we bring you our world class wellness promoting glacier fed drinking water that we call “Alaska Glacier™ Nature’s Premium Drinking Water”.

Over 80 billion gallons of this fresh nurturing drinking water are available for the world to enjoy every year, provided to us by the Eklutna Glacier ice-mass atop the beautiful and rugged Chugach Mountains of South Central Alaska.

Alaska Glacier Products, LLC., a private, Alaskan native owned business, is a steward of this treasure chest of natural resources. To serve you with this incredible all natural product, we have created a fully automated, multi-line, bottle blow molding, filling and packaging facility for a wide selection of bottled and packaged glacier water products and other beverage offerings.

Alaska Glacier Products offers clients its own Alaska Glacier ™ brand or small quantity private label (Logo Water) as well as high volume co-packaging for national and international wholesale and retail brand distribution. We also offer custom packaging, niche product branding and other product solutions. All are welcome!
If you or your company are looking for the best tasting, cleanest, most nurturing, all natural premium drinking water on earth, bottled in Alaska, you’ve found it right here with Alaska Glacier Products, LLC. Where we say, “It does matter what water you drink”!

Give us a call today at (907) 688-9287 – let’s get you delivered! - Your Alaska Glacier Products Team